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Frank's Story

Around some time in June, Companion's kennel staff members noticed a new cat hanging around the backyard at the animal hospital. After catching the cat in a hav-a-hart trap, the screaming kitty announced to the whole hospital that he wasn't a feral cat but a poor kitty cruelly forced out into the cold scary world.

The poor cat was so thickly matted that the mats were pulling at his skin, and causing large bald spots. The cat was tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency viruses. After testing negative the cat was vaccinated, and shaved bald!

He was so skinny and hungry that he caught the heart of one of the veterinary technicians, who named him Frank. By August, Frank has gained some weight and is on his way to becoming a spoiled happy cat. His fur has slowly started to grow back. Then we noticed the pattern of hair on Frank's belly! Its a smiley face showing the whole world how happy he really is to have a home!

Frank the Cat


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